Welcome to the New Website

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the new and improved NCI website. Our development team has committed enormous amounts of energy and passion to the project and the result is a completely revamped NCI experience.

Our goal is to turn this website into a regular source of information and conversation for anybody interested in security and/or information technology. Some of the changes you can start taking advantage of immediately are.

  1. Site Search – Our new CMS has an extremely powerful site-wide search engine. It’s never been easier to find what you’re looking for.
  2. Videos – We are very excited to be able to produce industry-related videos for all to see. The content will range from product demonstrations to tutorials. Best of all, you’ll be able to view them embedded on our website or via our YouTube page and/or via our Vimeo page.
  3. Social Media – The @ncisocial Twitter account has already been active for some time now. Be sure to follow us and be the first to know when new content is posted. We will continue to evaluate additional social networks and bring new accounts online within the next few months.
  4. SlideShare – We are always creating presentations and technical briefs for our customers. You will now be able to view these documents online by visiting our SlideSpace. It’s like having access to NCI’s internal library of technical materials from anywhere in the world!

We look forward to opening two-way communications with you. Please feel free to post comments, contact us via Twitter or directly via email and let’s start a conversation. This website is really a gift to you and we are happy to welcome you to the new nci.ca.

Dan C.

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