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Creating & Remembering (C0mpl3x) Passwords

With password complexity becoming more and more important as computer processing becomes faster and cheaper each day, how can we be expected to adhere to the strict password policies that expert’s layout for us, and still remember all our passwords? Most of us will have passwords for Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail, Gmail, Windows logon and online banking. We also need to ensure that these passwords aren’t duplicated to prevent a snowball effect in the event someone manages to get their grubby paws on one. Then we have the issue that we absolutely can’t use passwords that only have letters, so we need to toss numbers and special characters into the mix( ie. !#$%^&*()) and you must always stay away from using names of pets, family members, dictionary words and other addresses/things associated to you.

So where does that leave us? We have eliminated most of the ways people create passwords and ways they have developed for remembering them. But moving forward, we need to develop new ways of developing and remembering passwords.

Here are some suggestions to consider when creating passwords. Continue reading

Password Complexity Simplified

Communicating complex and highly-technical information is arguably one of the most difficult jobs in the information security field.

This presentation is our attempt at communicating the importance of choosing long, complex passwords. Rather than ‘talking numbers’ we’ve taken a different approach:

How’d we do? Would you like to see more presentations like this in the future?

Dan C.