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Amigopod and PAN User-ID Integration

Question: What happens when two vendors work together with the common goal of making your life easier?

Answer: Your life gets easier.

Here is a quick ~5 minute video showing the integration capabilities between Aruba Networks’ Amigopod and Palo Alto Networks’ User-ID Agent. Aruba and PAN have allowed their systems to share user-ID information between each other; the benefit to you is that users can receive the same user-based firewall policy whether they are connected via wire or wirelessly. Watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.


Pretty neat stuff, no? Tight integration between wired and wireless solutions is going to be very important as we move into 2012. It’s good to see that some vendors are not only working on expanding their own offerings, but also taking the time to ensure that they play nicely with others.

Dan C.

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