New Year’s Resolution – Protect your public facing web site

You know it’s on your to-do list, that static content web site that’s sitting unprotected out in the cloud somewhere – time to protect that public image with more than a simple access control list?

Incapsula provides every website, regardless of its size, with enterprise-grade website security. Incapsula’s security expertise is based on years of experience from Imperva (Incapsula’s parent company), the leading provider of security solutions for world class enterprise sites. This core security technology has been adapted to a new cloud platform, and optimized to support websites of all sizes. Incapsula enhances security through real-time and centralized collaboration, does not require you to have advanced security expertise in-house and can be setup within minutes. Let NCI show you how easy it is to protect your public image.

And while we’re at it, hopefully you’ve got vulnerability scans and pen tests scheduled for your public facing web site taken care of, but who’s doing vulnerability management on those cloud-based applications? Let NCI handle the daily, weekly and monthly analysis of whether or not your cloud provider is staying on top of the latest security threats by patching these web servers. NCI will perform daily vulnerability scans and keep track of whether patches and updates are completed on a timely basis.

For more information please contact your NCI rep.

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