NCI’s Danny Timmins Completes Elite Ivey Program

NCI is pleased to announce today that CEO Danny Timmins has completed Quantum Shift, a unique leadership development program and network sponsored by Ivey, KPMG Enterprise, TD Commercial Banking and the Globe and Mail.

Small and medium sized businesses represent more than 97% of independent businesses in Canada and account for nearly half of the country’s GDP. Helping these firms grow and improve their productivity is essential to building a more competitive Canada. The Richard Ivey School of Business and KPMG Enterprise realize this and for the eighth year they invited a select group of entrepreneurs to participate in Quantum Shift, a rigorous week-long program to give them the tools to push their businesses forward.

CEO Danny Timmins comments on the program “We all face very similar issues no matter the size of the company. It was great to listen to the speakers and fellow shifters on what their challenges and successes are. What better place to be to get an edge.”


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