“Lawful Access” To Your Personal Data

During my daily routine of reading the Toronto Star, I came across an interesting article.  The current Conservative government is looking to fast track something called the “lawful access” bill package.  As I understand, this bill contains 3 main points:

1 – It provides law enforcement with access to personal information of individuals obtained through ISP providers without court-ordered warrants

2 – It requires ISP providers to monitor real-time data

3 – It provides law enforcement with access to the surveillance data

As networking technology evolves, efforts of this magnitude are now feasible and available to combat crime.  Knowing that the government has access to this information is both reassuring and concerning at the same time.  On one hand, it is the government’s new age response to changing communication channels.  On the other hand, it is the introduction of new grounds for the dispute between legality and privacy. I have to wonder about the increased complexity this will introduce when hackers use grandma’s computer to spoof their criminal activity?  Stay tuned.

Deborah I

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