Is Your Personal Information Safe?

Security awareness is not solely relegated to computers. Identity theft is one area that individuals need to be aware. We tend to forget the simple things we need to do. Did you move recently? Have you advised your employer? Your former employer? So many times, individuals forget to communicate these changes. Then your employer or former employer sends your T4  information to your former  address, the one they have on file. Presto! Your personal financial information and your social insurance number are in the hands of a stranger. T4 season is on the way. Are you prepared?

You carry a lot of information in your wallet. Your social insurance number and your birth certificate are items that should be stored in a safe place; that is not your wallet.  These two items can be used to create an entirely new identity with your personal data. It is extremely difficult to correct the situation. Why even take the chance? 

While people may have skills to locate your information, why give it to them freely? So many people just toss out bills, credit card statements, pay and bank statements into the trash. Investing in a shredder, which is a relatively small cost may prevent your personal data being obtained, which is a much greater cost.

A couple of little things to think about to help keep your personal information personal.


Do you have any simple tips or tricks that you use to help protect your personal information? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear them.

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