Information Security at TED2011: Cracking Stuxnet

I have been a big fan of TED for some time now. The talks hosted on the website cover an incredibly broad range of subjects including: parenting, art, science, and everything in between. The great thing about this venue is its ability to inspire, fascinate, and inform people. Whether you agree with the speakers or not is irrelevant; these videos make you think.

Imagine my surprise when I found an information security topic being featured on the TED homepage. Stuxnet is ‘old news’ by now but still a very important and interesting subject. Take what you will from the talk. For now, I am just impressed to see information security being presented, and presented well, on as prestigious a venue as TED2011.

Dan C.

What are your thoughts on the evolution of cyber weapons? Do you think Stuxnet is a one off or a sign of things to come? What are your thoughts on the apparent blurring of the lines between information security and physical security? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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