Social Engineering Services

Social Engineering Services

Social engineering attacks utilize human interaction to obtain or compromise information about an organization or its personnel. Generally an attacker may try to breach the organization by claiming to be a new employee, repair person, or researcher, often offering credentials to support that identity.

Our Approach:

MNP’s social engineering services test your organizations’ resistance to human based attack vectors.

Our team is experienced in deploying any of the following common social engineering tactic, in addition to creating custom social engineering scenarios:

  • varying sophistication levels of voice or email based phishing attacks
  • customized target attacks pertinent to your organization
  • impersonation and/or tailgating in order to gain entry to physical locations
  • baiting in order to entice targets to execute malicious payloads


MNP’s social engineering service report provides our clients with deliverables that facilitate a clear understanding of their organizations’ security weakness and areas of improvement.

Are you concerned about your firms’ Security Awareness Posture?