Physical Security Assessments

Physical Security Assessments

Physical Threat Risk Assessments (TRA), Building Physical Security Plans (BPSP), and employee Security Training are essential operational requirements for any government, public or private company. These ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible, that your assets are protected, and that your business functions will survive an emergency.

Our Approach:

MNP will conduct one or more program-based, building-specific, or organization-wide Threat Risk Assessments (TRA). Our TRA’s follow Industry Standards like the MGS Physical Security Workbook Methodology.

Our assessment will:

  • provide a comprehensive review of your level of risk
  • define your current security posture
  • highlight gaps in that posture
  • provide a cost/benefit analyses of remediation options


With MNP’s Physical Security Assessment Report, you will confidently be able to:

  • establish a base-line inventory and independent review of your organizations security posture
  • build internal awareness of risks and best practices
  • reduce the potential for innocent or inadvertent trespass that could result in injury and liability claims
  • reduce the potential for both internal and external thefts by implementing countermeasures
  • understand your current status and where to focus your budget to maximize security


When reputation and liability are at stake, and public safety and corporate assets are at risk, due diligence is required.


How confident are you in your organizations physical safety? Book your Physical Security Assessment to secure your environment.