Customer Maintenance/Support – Worth the $ or Not?

Question: Maintenance, is it worth the money we need to pay every year?

Answer: Yes, unless you want to stale date your technology to the date of purchase.

Maintenance renewals can seem costly but are necessary to reap the rewards of the ever changing and adapting technologies. Manufacturers use this annual income to support R&D of their solution and continue to provide you with the best technology of that moment.

Think of it like your car or home insurance, you might not need it on a daily basis but when you do, it is available and there for you.

Renewing your maintenance should be easy, consistent, accurate and on time. Here are some of my processes that help me to assist our customers.

  1. Prepare renewals 2 – 3 months before expiry: This allows our customers time to process and provide a Purchase Order prior to expiry
  2. Co-Term expiry dates:  I work closely with our sales team, manufacturers/vendors and distributors to coordinate renewal end dates that best suit our client’s needs. Whether it’s annual, semi-annual or whenever the customer’s budget dictates.
  3. Always work with the customer’s requirements in mind, not the manufacturer

Renew your maintenance and keep your assets up to date with technology. If you do not receive updates, patches, access to upgrades, or access to added functionality, you may no longer be receiving the level of protection required for your environment.

Call us today, I will show you how easy it can be to renew.

Kathy H.


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