Our Clients

Our Clients

With our client centric focus, innovation, and solution driven thinking, MNP has been rewarded with strong client relationships. We take pride in our dedication to our clients, with an ultimate goal to build lasting relationships in a constant evolving world of cyber security.

MNP Cyber Proudly Serves:

  • 15 of Canada’s Largest Municipalities
  • 8 of the largest police agencies in Canada
  • 5 of the top Universities in Canada as ranked by MacLean’s 2013 Comprehensive University Ranking
  • 4 of the largest Pension Funds in Canada
  • 3 of the World’s Largest Gold Mining Companies
  • 2 of Canada’s top Most trusted brands as ranked by MacLean’s in 2012

Selective Verticals that MNP Supports:

NCI's Health Care Clients

Health Care

Our cyber team consults for a number of leading health care providers in Canada. There is an increase in the number of web based applications that are required to deliver excellent patient care of a tight budget, and the sensitivity of patient data involved. These web based applications require organizations to go through rigorous threat risk assessments and web application penetration tests prior to their release.

NCI's Public Safety Clients

Public Safety

We protect the people that protect you. we are one of Canada’s leading experts in securing Public Safety organizations. We work with eight of the country’s largest police agencies, who account for approximately 60% of all law enforcement officers in Canada.

NCI's Tourism Clients


We are honored to be a trusted partner in some of Canada’s most prominent landmarks. Maintaining world class destination status requires PCI Compliance, and protection of traveler’s credit cards and personal data.

NCI's Retail Clients


Whether it is securing a nationwide home improvement retailer, an apparel brand, or a coast to coast electronics retailer, numerous organizations have enlisted our services to address their cyber security and PCI challenges. By understanding the challenges that retailers face in dealing with payment processors, payment gateways, and e-commerce transactions, our highly qualified team designs a secure and cost-effective solution that achieves and maintains PCI Compliance.

NCI's Finance & Insurance Clients

Finance and Insurance

Securing organizations that are responsible for assets worth billions and trillions of dollars is something we do not take lightly. Our solution driven team designs a process addressing high security and yet provide ease of management.

NCI's Government & Municipalities Clients

Government and Municipalities

Government and municipalities lean on us to provide them with cost-effective means of providing quantitative analysis, and road map to improve their cyber security posture. Limited budget means each dollar spent on security must be justified and a pragmatic approach must be used.

NCI's Education Clients


Our client list in the education space is unmatched in the industry. Some of Canada’s prestigious private schools, Public and Catholic School Boards, and world renowned Universities and Colleges seek our solution driven cyber security expertise. The unique balance between protecting administration networks from brilliant young, tech-savvy minds, while understanding that security cannot be a hindrance to teaching and learning, is a challenge we take seriously.

NCI's Mining & Resource Clients

Mining and Resources

Mining and Resource Organizations encounter very unique operating challenges; to ensure they maintain their security posture and integrating geographically disperse locations with minimal on-site personnel, make for a challenging environment to secure. Our clients include some of the world’s largest gold and mineral producers.

NCI's Energy Clients


The energy sector requires a secure environment throughout the pipeline from producers to organizations responsible for energy delivery. We work with Canada’s largest energy producers to secure the environments that manage power generation, and are responsible for energy delivery. Our industry certified consultants are experts in NERC compliance as well as securing SCADA environments.