3 Tips To Protect Your Payments During Online Purchases

Whether on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or phablet, you can easily make online purchases for products and services via the Web.

Online Payment Purchases

More and more people are feeling comfortable about paying for things online. One reason for this is that many popular brick-and-mortar stores have online storefronts that are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, which is appealing to shoppers in search of convenient shopping on their terms.

Even so, you still need to be careful when it comes to online shopping since cyber criminals are ever on the prowl for unsuspecting shoppers to victimize. But by following some best practices, you can enjoy safe e-retailing. Read on for 3 tips to protect your payments during online purchases.

  1. Install the official app or manually go to the web site
  2. Phishing attempts are used by cyber criminals to fool you into thinking that fake — but official-looking — websites and emails are genuine. If you visit a site that appears to be that of a merchant but is actually a counterfeit, the information you input — client number and password — can be harvested by cyber criminals.

    You can avoid phishing attempts by adhering to a few best practices. For instance, you should ensure that websites requesting personal info are legitimate. Rather than clicking on a link purporting to be the official website of a specific merchant or brand, you should type in the actual URL. As well, be wary of emails that request personal details, particularly since no reputable bank will ask that you transmit information via electronic communications.

  3. Check to ensure the payment site is using the HTTPS:// prefix
  4. Standard web traffic is sent unencrypted and if you’re on a public WiFi network or Internet connection, anyone can see your credentials or payment information in clear text. When shopping or performing any financial transactions, ensure that the web site is over encrypted channels.

  5. Use a low credit limit credit card
  6. Using credit cards are one of the safest methods of making purchases online as they don’t provide cybercriminals with a direct link to your bank account. You can sign up for a low credit limit credit card separate from your primary credit card to make review of statements and purchases much easier.