Do you need a Web Application Firewall (WAF), have you heard of Heartbleed, POODLE, Bash Bug?

These are all latest SSL vulnerabilities – are you sure they are patched? Do you need load balancing of your web sites between data centres? Is there static content you would like delivered from the cloud vs. your web server? SSL Vulnerabilities and DDoS attacks have been in the media for some time now. They are a very real and ever present threat.  We can help protect you and give you peace of mind. nci.CLOUDWAF offers a comprehensive portfolio of managed services and cloud offerings. Leveraging our federally cleared facility, our team of certified and experienced security experts manages your platform for maximum security and performance. The NCI Cloud Team provides 24/7– 365 response and resolution with the highest level of customer service. 15 years of experience in the security business underscores our commitment to focusing on optimizing all aspects of our clients’ managed network. Solution benefits:

  • 7 X 24 Support
  •  SSL Protection
  • DDos Protection
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Provides external web application protection without the need of costly hardware
  • Protecting external web presence from prevalent application based attacks
  • Configurable and Tunable to the clients desires
  • Monthly reporting to provide valuable insight in to the external web threat landscape

Our Web Application Firewall pricing is more economical and more flexible than standard on-premise solutions. Global data centres provide redundancy and failover seamlessly with a simple DNS change. Please email us info@nci.ca for more information.

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