Vishing (Voice Phishing) Scam Announcement

Mississauga, Ontario—December 18, 2012

It has come to our attention that persons are calling individuals and organizations claiming to be calling on behalf of NCI and insisting that the individual has had an “Internet Security Breach”. Please be aware that these individuals are not calling on NCI’s behalf. With VoIP (Voice over IP technologies) call display may display the following number (1-800-444-2222) however the displayed number may change at any time.

Please DO NOT provide this caller with any information as it is a hoax.


What should you do:

If you suspect that you have received any e-mail or voicemail message from someone you suspect may be a visher, DO NOT respond using the phone number provided. Instead, contact that organization at a phone number you know is accurate, appearing: on a debit/credit card or bank/credit card statement; on a bill; or published on a known, legitimate website or in a phone book, and let the organization know the details of the suspected vishing incident.

If at any time you are not comfortable with the questions you are being asked over the phone, do not respond and tell the caller you are discontinuing the call to verify it is legitimate from an independent source. No reputable organization will take issue with that. Then call the organization back on a phone number you have looked up yourself.

If you think you have provided personal information to a visher, contact the organization involved right away. If you have provided some of your banking or credit card information, contact your bank or financial institution immediately and they will advise you on what you should do.

About NCI

NCI has held a leadership position in the IT security and networking industry for over a decade with a combination of consulting, professional services, and products. NCI has demonstrated expertise in network and security assessments, architecture development and solution deployment, digital forensics, training, and physical security. NCI’s team of certified information security experts are relied on to secure hundreds of public and private sector clients across Canada. The company has offices in Ontario and Quebec. Additional information is available at


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