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Information Security at TED2011: Cracking Stuxnet

I have been a big fan of TED for some time now. The talks hosted on the website cover an incredibly broad range of subjects including: parenting, art, science, and everything in between. The great thing about this venue is its ability to inspire, fascinate, and inform people. Whether you agree with the speakers or not is irrelevant; these videos make you think.

Imagine my surprise when I found an information security topic being featured on the TED homepage. Stuxnet is ‘old news’ by now but still a very important and interesting subject. Take what you will from the talk. For now, I am just impressed to see information security being presented, and presented well, on as prestigious a venue as TED2011.

Dan C.

What are your thoughts on the evolution of cyber weapons? Do you think Stuxnet is a one off or a sign of things to come? What are your thoughts on the apparent blurring of the lines between information security and physical security? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Stuxnet: Four Months Later

It’s been four months since VirusBlokAda discovered W32.Stuxnet, and the worm poses more of a threat today than when it was first discovered. Stuxnet is a different kind of malware; with many individuals in the security industry agreeing that the shear sophistication and capability of the worm are unprecedented. This malware was designed to target supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems; for those not familiar with SCADA infrastructure, the quick explanation is that these systems control vital infrastructure. This vital infrastructure usually includes facilities that manufacture, fabricate or refine products as well as power plants, or nuclear plants. SCADA systems are effectively industrial control systems for facility-based processes. Continue reading