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Wireless Networking for the Rest of Us

Wireless networks are everywhere and have become a part of our everyday lives because they allow people to remain connected without sacrificing mobility.Their popularity really skyrocketing in the past six months and I couldn’t be happier about that since I am a bit of a wireless junkie.  

I think a large contributor to the success of wireless networking is their relative ease-of-use. It is very easy for someone with very little wireless knowledge to setup and connect to a basic wireless network; this makes them very attractive.  Unfortunately, it is the apparent ease-of-use that masks the fact that wireless networks are incredibly complex and that they require a lot technical skill and planning to fully understand and deploy properly. With that in mind, consider this my first post in a series designed to explain the inner-working of wireless networks in language that anyone can understand. Basically, I want to take the technical-mystery out of wireless networks and help people understand how they work.

The remainder of this post is actually a republishing of a post I created for my, now retired, personal blog several months ago. Posts to follow will contain explanations of how antennas work, understanding radio frequencies (RF), and authentication and encryption. Without further ado, I give you “What You Thought You Knew About Your New 802.11n Router”: Continue reading