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Will tokenization (t10n) make your PCI pain go away?

I just finished reading the tokenization guidelines from the PCI Council. A very good document, much more informative than the one on virtualization. However, it does not provide the simple connect the dots type of advice most would want because t10n is complicated. It is complicated in its own right, let alone the fact that it is being deployed as part of PCI DSS compliance program.

Here are some of the issues that are raised:

  • Solution architectural,
  • Deployment,
  • Operational challenges
  • Software development, and
  • Contractual terms and conditions.

So will tokenization make your PCI compliance pain go away? Will it even ease your pain? Just a little bit?

Let me cut to the chase: Maybe, but don’t count on it. There are no silver bullets in the PCI compliance arena. At the end of the day t10n is a *scope reduction* approach. As such it can help reduce and minimize your PCI compliance efforts, but it does not eliminate your need to comply. Also, because it is part of what defines your PCI DSS scope it will need to be reviewed in detail each and every year when you undergo your PCI validation whether Self-Assessment Questionnaire or Report on Compliance.

I highly recommend that merchants thinking about deploying t10n give it a read. I also highly recommend any service providers looking to offer a t10n solution read it as well. It’s got good advice for both. Let’s dig in a bit more: Continue reading