National Capital Security Partners’ Forum

NCI recently had the opportunity to attend a CASIS ( National Capital Security Partner’s Forum in our Nation’s Capital.  It was extremely well attended by a number of our country’s finest government and private sector security professionals.   The speakers on the panel were terrific, they featured:

  • Doug Dempster – Executive Director of the Centre for Executive Leadership at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa
  • Mivil Deschenes – Chief Security Officer, RioTinto
  • Melissa Hathaway – President of Hathaway Global Securities, LLC
  • Jeffrey Miller – Vice President & Chief Security Officer, National Football League
  • J. David Quilter – Emeritus Faculty, Security Executive Council
  • Julie Myers Wood – President, ICS Consulting

Some terrific points were debated of which I’ll mention a few:

  1. We should treat the Internet as a regulated and policed environment.  25 companies control 90 percent of the internet, why not have the Telco’s opt in to a code of conduct, assume some of the overall responsibility for CyberSecurity  to warn companies that they have been breached.
  2. With regards to Security of The “cloud” – think of the cloud like an apartment building – you can share a place but what happens to you if someone has a rodent infestation?  That’s right, you have to fumigate the entire building.
  3. Risk needs to be constantly measured and evaluated.
  4. Cyber security today is the new Cold War – in fact Doug Dempster believes it is even worse than the Cold War.
  5. When evaluating risk, it’s important that it’s dealt with quantitatively and not looked at through one individual’s goggles.
  6. Treat your network like government agencies treat miles of pipelines – secure the high risk points within the network and when something happens – send a team to deal with the incident, remediate it, notify the appropriate impacted parties swiftly and move on.
  7. When and not “if” an incident happens – ensure you communicate openly and  honestly.
  8. Communications between government and private sector is a must going forward.

Last but not least – next time you’re in Ottawa – try the Scallop Ceviche at Navarra Restaurant, to die for.



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