Secure Software Development Training

Secure Software Development Training

A critical component of cyber security is software development. Protecting your organizations’ proprietary software applications during design and implementation is an important component of developing applications with integrated security. MNP’s training provides your software developers with the skills they need to create software that is designed and developed with security in mind.

Our Approach:

MNP’s training curriculum begins with an overview of the Microsoft Software Development Lifecycle (SDL) and the six core design principles. Students are involved in interactive discussions and exercises to gain an in depth understanding of the various security considerations such as:


  • attack surface reduction
  • threat modeling
  • implementation of defense in depth
  • confidentiality, integrity, authorization, and authentication considerations


Moving on from theory, students are introduced to the Open Web Application Security Project: OWASP Top 10 Critical Application Flaws. Each category is discussed in detail and students are provided with a hands-on exercise including exploiting these flaws to further cement their understanding.

MNP’s Strategy ensures your software developers understand:

  • the reason application flaws occur
  • how application flaws are exploited
  • how application flaws can be remediated


By the end of MNP’s training, your software developers will understand how to integrate security into a formal security development lifecycle, and how to write applications that are resilient to top critical application flaws.

Are your software developers writing secure applications?

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