Executive Security Awareness Training

Executive Security Awareness Training

Over the years, businesses have made the assumption that our employees are the weakest link when it comes to defending against today’s sophisticated cyber attacks. While there are a number of security awareness courses available online, ranging from interactive videos to slides, there is a lack of customized training focused on our senior executives within organizations.

Our Approach:

MNP addresses these concerns by offering a customized security awareness program. The program is designed with a focus on specific threats, and is geared towards C-level and Executive level members of the organization, as well as board level members.


MNP’s Eastern Cyber Security Leader, Eugene Ng, takes senior members of an organization through a one-hour, in-person, security awareness training program. Designed specifically for power and travelling users, the program demonstrates the real threats seen with other clients throughout Canada.

  • Training is delivered onsite, with MNP travelling to your office facility or boardroom.
  • Pricing is based on daily rate and is typically delivered to 20-25 persons at a time.


How well informed are your senior executives in regards to Security Awareness?

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