Red Team Exercise

Red Team Exercise

Holding industry recognized certifications; MNP’s Red Team is comprised of highly qualified individuals capable of assessing an organization’s resiliency to attack. MNP’s Red Team exercise offers organizations a blended threat real-world attack exercise that tests your organizations’ defense and response capabilities against capable and dedicated adversaries.

Our Approach:

MNP’s Red Team exercise goes beyond traditional penetration testing as it focuses on the organization holistically and employs physical, digital, and social engineering based attack vectors. These attack vectors are combined with open source intelligence gathering in order to develop a customized attack strategy, emphasizing likelihood of success while minimizing exposure. Our Red Teams’ goal is to compromise the organization and gain access to high-value assets without being detected while the organization is encouraged to actively identify and defend against our teams’ attacks

Through this exercise MNP’s Red Team will:

  • Illuminate previously unidentified risks
  • provide you with invaluable insight that goes above and beyond traditional penetration testing


Are you aware of your organizations’ ability to fend off a high level cyber-attack?