Incidence Response Service

Incidence Response Service

A cyber-attack is any type of targeted malicious attack on an organizations’ information systems, infrastructures, and computer networks, originating from an anonymous source with the intent to steal, alter, or destroy sensitive information.

Under Cyber Attack?

Incident response is what organizations require should they fall victim of a cyber-attack. NCI provides an Incidence Response Service that leverages the latest intelligence from Threat Cloud and your Incidence Response portal.

The NCI Approach:

As one of Canada’s premier Check Point partners, NCI leverages Check Point’s 7×24 malware research and containment teams based out of Israel. Partnering NCI’s local resources and expertise with Check Point’s threat research analysts, provides a powerful combination of Canadian experience with an international visibility and skillset. Should your organization be the target of a cyber-attack, NCI’s dedicated 24/7 experts instantly respond to speed, up recovery and return you to business as usual.

NCI’s immediate Incident Response will provide the following:

  • Real-time log capture and analysis
  • Digital forensics analysis
  • Denial of service response and mitigation
  • Malware, virus and data loss incidents
  • Botnet identification and counteraction

NCI Incident Response Results:

  • Reduce downtime during a security attack
  • Accelerate your ability to contain threats
  • Limit damages, loss and cost from attacks
  • Mitigate future risks with post-incident advisement
  • Improve your coordination and ability to respond to security
  • Apply industry best practices to strengthen security controls

How prepared is your organization to respond to a cyber-attack?