Topflight Pride


Once upon a time there lived a company called NCI

At Ridgeway is where they used to reside


We packed up our papers, servers, and paintings off the wall

Off to Topflight we went; come one come all


We painted,  we cleaned, we scrubbed and painted some more

The worst was if you got stuck doing double trim on a door


We are now surrounded by new orange and  greens of every shade

While walking on carpet which stains we hope one day will fade


We sit on funky coloured chairs and swing to and fro

Wondering where the heck did those business hammocks go


Visitors walk in and are impressed by all they  see

On a tour they go while we work relentlessly


Naming some rooms proved to be quite the task at hand

Canadian pride is the theme; you can understand


Sitting in the Rockies trying to take in all that is being said

Trying not to daydream about what time you’ll be fed


The Bay of FUNdy is where we like to gather and share a laugh or two

As we  wonder  when the white board wall will be painted for me and you


Unfortunately one thing that doesn’t ever change it would seem

Would be how people still can’t keep the darn kitchen clean


We now  park diagonally if you can master how it’s done

While others merit parking close to the front for being number one


We still have things to hang, labs to build, and clean up a little more

Some more painting and even trim on the ever tedious door


And one day we hope that people will finally get it right

And remember when you leave to please turn off  your light


NCI has  moved around a bit in the 11 years gone by

We succeed, we grow and we continue to multiply


We learn from mistakes and our triumphs are shared by all

While we continue to feel proud and stand real tall.


Beatriz Esquibel





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